Daily Writing Assignment 2014-05-27

A willow tree in the wind.
From the parents’ basement.
Optional Style: A broadway script.

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Mandy’s return to her parents’ home wasn’t expected or wanted. She had been independent since leaving home for college six years ago. But cut-backs at the plant she worked at as a designer, targeted the junior employees and she didn’t have much in the way of savings. Certainly not enough to afford rent on an apartment.

Her belongings were stacked in boxes in the corner of the semi-finished basement where she had once used as a play-room when she was much younger. But the basement had a different feel now, it felt like failure. She looked out the sliding glass door that looked out into the large backyard. The large willow tree she had known her whol life dominated the scenery. The tree used to frighten Mandy at night when the wind howled and the tree waved back and forth like a large lumbering monster. But it served as a jungle gym in the long summers.

Now, though the tree’s branches swayed lazily, seemingly sad, but relaxed. The breeze made the leaves flit back and forth as if they were electric. But the solid trunk, rooted to the ground kept everything from falling apart. Mandy took comfort that the tree was still there, unmoved by the wind and storms that sought to topple it. She felt the same, like the gales of life were set upon her. But like the willow, though her will bent and her confidence rustled, her roots ran deep and at the core she was still strong. She would not merely survive, she would thrive despite what the world would throw at her.

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