What You Really Are

You are not an intangible soul created by divinity for a purpose.  There is no substance to these myths.

You are not the matter that makes you up at this moment.  You shed and gain matter throughout your life with out losing yourself.

You are information.  A dynamic pattern emergent from a complex interaction of chemical processes that have run continuously, uninterrupted, for the last four billion years.  Like a wave on a lake.

Your individual wave moves through space and time and matter, changing as the environment affects you.

What makes “you” has less to do with the momentary shape of your wave, but the continuity of it’s pattern from its formation. You are the only thing to have been born and lived in the places and times you have.  That is you.

One day, your wave will wash against the shore and the pattern will be lost.  It’s nigh unavoidable, there’s no where else for a have to go. But as long as the lake has water, there will be more waves that follow.

About martha

Stop. Let go. Listen. It amazes me what one can learn by forgetting oneself. Become aware of the world around you, with out judgement, with out expectation. Once you do that, you'll understand everything you need to know about me.