Daily Writing Assignment 2014-05-24

Chickens infest a house.
With a plague of rats swarming.
Optional Style: Explained by a villain

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You see Dr. Ratus, you can never hope to defeat me.  My chicken minions are already on their way to the royal estate.  With my Bird Brain Enhancer, their cognitive capabilities are magnified ten thousand fold.  They have the codes for the security system and can use themselves as bait for the guard dogs.  Once I possess the gems from the royal scepter, I will be able to amplify my enhancer’s signal to encompass the entire planet.  And then, yes then I, The Tennessee General with an army outnumbering humans three to one,  will be the top of the pecking order!!

Don’t bother trying to call your rodent friends, Dr., I assure you the walls of my Coop are insulated with psychoactive scrambling straw.  Lieutenant Cluck, turn on the main display so the doctor here can watch my plans come to fruition.  There, yes.  Now you can see, my chicken squad has already infiltrated the house.  They will peck through the electric sealing mechanism of the safe any minute now. Hahahahah!

Wait!  Who are you?  Dr. Ratus’ sidekick, Nibbles? What are you doing here? You should be dead!  Nevermind!  I will take care of you myself with my Chicken Scratch style kung fu.  Lieutenant Cluck, lower the doctor into the deep frier at once!  Have at you, Nibbles!  What? No!  Rats have somehow gotten into my War Nest!  Hundreds of them! Blast! You little cretins!  Take that!  And that!

Drat!  Get away from the Bird Brain Enhancer!  Noooo! My beautiful machine!  You’ve destroyed it!  My poor defenseless chickens!  The dogs will tear you apart with out your genius minds!  Curse you Dr. Ratus!  Ow! And your wretched, filthy mammals!  Lieutenant Cluck, to the Eggscape!   The feather may be in your cap this day Dr. Ratus, but the rule of the roost will be mine the next time I cross the road!  Cock-a-doodle do!

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