Daily Writing Assignment 2014-05-25

Animals in a forest conspire to foil a logging company.
In a wheat field at sunrise.
Optional Style: The ramblings of a lunatic.

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I saw it, I really did!  By the end of the day, no, end of the working day, yes, the people, Bentworth Logging, had parked their vehicles, you know choppers and sawers and log picker-uppers, in the old wheat fields just outside of Oak Leaf Wood.  A beautiful wood of maples, no! Oaks! Yes, oaks.  The trees stood valiant and noble and there lived there a great many critters, deer and raccoons and squirrels of course, probably a some porcupines and chimera, maybe.

Well, after the people left, the animals gathered at the edge of the forest to see the machines full of metal teeth and stinking oil.  They knew what it meant and they wept for the inevitable loss of their homes.  But Gus, the elder fox, oh yes, there were foxes that lived there too, he showed up and said, “My loyal subjects who aren’t you know forced to follow me, but you probably elected me as king or something.  This upcoming travesty will be avoided if we work together!”  He instructed the animals to gather their friends and family and whoever they could find and by the light of the moon, they would destroy the logger’s machines.

So, around midnight, they snuck into the field.  No one was watching, ’cause this was in the middle of no where, but they snuck anyway and approached the machines. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, I was watching from a bush I fell asleep in, so someone was wathing, but them stupid animals didn’t know anyway.

Do, King Fox Gus gave the order to attack and the animals went nuts.  Squirrels jumped on the biggest machines, stuff acorns in every open hole in the bulldozers and trucks.  Field mice crawled into every nook and chewed on the wires.  Deers gored and kicked at the axes and chainsaws.  Even the skunks let loose there defenses on the vehicle interiors.  They did this all night long, creating quite the mess.

Well, since I’d been up all night, I fell asleep back in the bush and by sunrise, the loggers had come back and find their whole site destroyed and a mess.  Of course, they found me and blamed me for the destruction.  Sayin’ that I was the one that cut the wires and bashed the rear view mirrors and crapped in their vehicles.  They even accused me for the acorns just because I have a couple of pockets full of them.

Well, I’m sure when Gus comes around to tell these horrible men off, they’ll finally believe me and let me back to my bush.  Oh well, at least I didn’t tell them about all the fox urine in their gas tanks.

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